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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodeling in Long Island

Do you have questions about home remodeling or about the services we provide? Planning a remodeling project can get confusing and stressful, especially if you have never worked with a Long Island remodeling contractor before.

Find the answers you are looking for with these frequently asked questions that our Long Island customers often have about their own home remodeling projects. Please feel free to call if you need additional information.

What kind of help can you give for my bathroom remodeling design?

Renovate Right Inc provides full bathroom remodeling service from the design to last finishing touch. Your bathroom remodeling project will be fully managed by a team leader. We only bring in skilled craftsmen who are specialists in their field and this includes our professional designer.

Can you help with small improvement projects or just large?

Whether it’s just replacing a door or replacing the roof and remodeling the entire house, we are ready and able to take on all your home remodeling and improvement projects.

Won’t full design and remodeling service cost way more than if I hire out the work?

Managing a remodeling project is a lot of work that you would have to do yourself. This includes shopping around for a slew specialist contractors and negotiating with them to get the best price – all while qualifying their skill level to be sure they provide quality craftsmanship. While you can handle the project yourself, of course, we have already done all this work in order to provide you with the best prices and overall highest quality services.

Are you insured and bonded?

We are a licensed Long Island remodeling contractor who carries liability and workman’s compensation insurance to protect our customers from unnecessary liability or loss. If you require us to carry a surety bond for your project, let us know so we can do the paperwork and provide a written confirmation. This is an added cost item.

I’m concerned about the noise and mess and how it stresses out my family. How can you help with that?

We do everything we can to provide efficient service and reduce the noise and mess, making sure the work site is neat and tidy. Construction work is loud and it can be very invasive, especially when you have a family. We have a full crew of remodeling contractors with years of experience, so we get the job done quickly. Our understanding of the local building code requirements and our superior skill helps us to provide you with a smooth process that finishes on time and according to the budget.

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