The Benefits Of A Vinyl Fence


A house surrounded by a white picket fence was once an element of the standard of what a dream house should be like. Today, many people still aspire to achieve that but with the advancement in technology, that picket fence doesn’t have to be made of wood anymore. Vinyl fences have become a popular fencing material option that more and more people choose for their homes.

What’s the difference between vinyl and wood?

Vinyl fences, otherwise known as PVC fences, are made of recycled plastic. These fences are made to look like their wooden counterparts but address several issues that homeowners with wood fences may encounter. Wood fences have a tendency to become water damaged, rot, or succumb to wood-boring pests. To avoid this, wooden posts have to be treated before installed. They also have to be painted. These increase the labor intensity of the project.

Fences made of vinyl on the other hand, do not have to be painted because they come in a variety of permanent finishes. Since it is made of plastic, it also does not require treatment. Vinyl is not an organic material, so it is very resistant to natural, damaging elements.

Strength and durability

While the strength of a wooden fence relies solely on the type of wood and stability of its concrete installation, Vinyl fences come in varieties that are reinforced by other materials. Some panels are made hollow while others have metal reinforcements to make them sturdier. These fences are so durable that they are also used for commercial properties such as ranches to secure animals like cattle and horses.

Aesthetic value

When it comes to flexibility in design, fences made of vinyl have the advantage. These fences come in different designs that recreate the look of other types of materials. Other than wood, vinyl can also be made to look like stone. The shapes and sizes are also guaranteed to be uniform so a polished look can easily be achieved. These fences come in different colors and finishes saving installers the trouble of thinking up ways to achieve a desired look.

Unlike wood fences, installing a vinyl fence is easier since manufacturers make whole railings and easy to attach poles. This will save you a lot of money when looking to have a fence installed. Simply contact a local, certified remodeling contractors at Renovate Right Inc and get an estimate for a vinyl fence. Once you choose the style you like, you’ll be amazed at the promptness and affordability of the project.