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A Fresh Start: Full Bathroom Remodel of a 1970s Bathroom in Bay Shore, NY

March 1, 2024

A Fresh Start: Full Bathroom Remodel of a 1970s Bathroom in Bay Shore, NY


Renovate Right Inc recently took on a transformative project: a complete full Bathroom remodel of a 1970s bathroom in Bay Shore, NY. This project was not just about updating a space; it was about reimagining a home with a storied past for a brighter, more functional future. Our client, a single male inheriting his childhood home, needed our expertise not only in renovation but in design, to bring his vision of modern living to life.


The challenge was clear from the outset. The home, rich in memories and dated in aesthetics, featured a bathroom that was a true product of its time. Plagued by outdated fixtures, insufficient ventilation, and deteriorating tiles, the space required a thoughtful and comprehensive overhaul. Our client, committed to preserving the essence of his family home while making it suitable for modern living, relied on our full-service capabilities to guide this transformation.

The Challenge:

Embarking on a full Bathroom remodel presented a unique set of challenges, particularly in blending modern functionality with the personal history and character of the home. The client sought a space that reflected his current needs and aesthetic preferences, all while paying homage to the home's legacy. Achieving this balance required a deep understanding of both the structural and sentimental aspects of the renovation.

Our Solution:

Our approach was holistic, addressing every component of the bathroom Remodel to ensure a complete transformation:

Comprehensive Design Consultation: Working closely with our client, we developed a design that aligned with his vision for a modern, sleek bathroom, providing guidance and expertise to navigate the myriad choices involved in a full remodel.

Ventilation Upgrade: A top-of-the-line ventilation system was installed to address previous moisture issues, ensuring a healthy and mold-free environment.

Fixture and Finish Selection: We handpicked contemporary fixtures and finishes that elevated the space's functionality and aesthetic appeal, transforming the bathroom into a modern sanctuary.

Tile and Accessibility Upgrades: New, durable tiles were laid down, and the space was reconfigured to include a walk-in shower, enhancing both the beauty and accessibility of the bathroom.


The result is a stunningly modern bathroom that pays respect to the home's history while fully embracing the present and future. This project went beyond a mere renovation; it was a reimagining of what a home could be, tailored to the unique needs and tastes of its owner.

Location and Legacy:

Situated in Bay Shore, NY, this renovation story speaks volumes about the possibilities that await in any home, regardless of its age or condition. Our client's decision to entrust us with the full gut remodel of his bathroom underscores the importance of professional expertise and personalized design in achieving a successful transformation.


At Renovate Right Inc, we are proud to have delivered a comprehensive solution that met our client's desire for a modern, functional bathroom that respects the home's past. This project in Bay Shore NY, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in full gut remodels and our ability to turn visions into reality. Whether you're a single homeowner looking to redesign your space or someone looking to preserve a family legacy while updating it for the future, let our project inspire your next renovation endeavor.

This refined version emphasizes the full scope of the renovation and the collaborative effort between the client and Renovate Right Inc to design and execute the project, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the remodel and the personalized approach to meeting the client's needs.

Location: Bay Shore, NY

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